CEA Saclay Table Tennis association recruits!

The Table Tennis association of CEA Saclay is open to everybody. Whether for fun or competition, each player is welcome. Trainings and championship matches are being held each Tuesday in the Complexe Sportif du Moulon on the Plateau de Saclay near Supélec. The place is open from 6 to 10 pm.

For those who only wish to discover this sport, rackets are available there and free of charge of course. Friendly tournaments between members are organized throughout the year as well as an annual tournament between different CEA centers (CEA Grenoble, Saclay, Cadarache, Le Ripault, etc…).
For additional information, do not hesitate either to come directly to the training place or to contact us:
- President of the association : Nicolas Auge (76 68)
- Team responsible : Marc-Antoine Thual (82 50)

We are looking forward to meet you!